Disabled persons flights to Thailand.I really need help on this one?

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My father has cancer and my mother died 3 years ago.I have lived in Thailand for 4 years and missed her funeral.So when I found out he has cancer I made up my mind to bring him back to Thailand with me to live out his days at my house under coconut trees,relaxing on white sand beaches looking at pool blue water.That all sounds good and he is 100% ready to go but it is the going that is going to be the difficult part of getting there.He is weak.Very weak.He is on oxygen and always sleepy.I know some people may say maybe you should just leave him in America but you cannot understand what it feels like to see your father in 1 bed all day doing nothing but watching TV waiting to die.He deserves something more.He took perfect care of us and so we as his children will do the same for him.I would rather he left us sitting on the beach with excellent Thai care,happy with me and my family rather than with strangers in a boring,sad room.My question is(money is not a problem)are there any airlines that cater 100% to the needs of a patient in his position for travel.He cannot walk far and needs good rest.I know how hard flying can be from America to Thailand just for me.So I need full comfort for him.Where can I find the most relaxing non stressful flights for him with wheelchair service?


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