Entertainment in Samui for Live Music in Thailand

Music in Thailand couldn’t be any better, than in Samui. The live music scene is so hip and hopping; there are many places where the density of people is really quite thick, especially on a weekend night like a Friday or a Saturday, when everything is really happening. There is such a long list of music types available for your listening pleasure, that it isn’t unheard of to listing to Rock music in one bar, then Jazz in another. Simply amazing, that’s for sure.

Live Music in the Koh Samui area can even impress you more, with the many places to choose from, along with the variety of bands who will mesmerize you with their musicianship as well as their ability to keep you dancing, practically all night. Truly, your experience can be something you will take with you in memories, for years to come.

Samui live music includes not only great bands, however, there is Karaoke all over the place, and you can show everyone how hard you’ve been practicing, by getting up and singing a Madonna or Justin Timberlake song, to name a couple of artists available for Karaoke singing. Incidentally, Karaoke means “empty orchestra”, meaning you are the main part of the orchestra that is missing, when you get up to sing a few tunes.

Entertainment in Samui is not limited to Karaoke, by any stretch of the imagination. Samui blues are some of the best blues you can listen to, in the world, hands down. The seasoned pros who perform, can truly make you laugh, cry or anything in between; that’s how good they are. Sometimes you’ll want to just sit there, and listen to the music. Other times, you will want to dance. It’s really quite something to check out.

Live entertainment in Thailand is not only fun and exciting to dance or listen to, but it will lift your spirits if you are feeling low, or bring a tear to your eye, thinking of days gone by, or someone you have had on your mind. Music does that,; it brings out the emotions in all of us who listen to it. Especially if you are on vacation or a business trip, this can be very fulfilling for you. It never hurts to venture out and see what the locals are doing nightly.

Jazz in Thailand has never been so good as it is now, if only because the jazz musicians who are local to the area, have honed their craft to a fine blend of eclectic syncopation, lots of horns, and of course pianists and guitarist, not to mention the backbone of every jazz or other type of band: the drummer and bass player. There also is a thriving blues music scene as the Samui Blues Music scene is rocking. So if you happen to find yourself in Thailand, remember a few things: there is great live music, there is music of many genres to listen and dance to, and most importantly: they only await your presence. Remember that music is meant to be enjoyed, and you certainly can enjoy it in Thailand.

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