How is that cheap shell jewellery cut so neatly and evenly?

blues in Thailand

How do they get the right and left earrings to be so identical? It looks like it is cut out of sheets of flat or curved shell with a laser. Sometimes the shell is different colours – how do they dye it? I have a pair of very lightweight blue shiny shell earrings that cost about $5, in the shape of kangaroos. At least one person a day used to stop me in the street to ask where I got them (Darwin) but the head and tail snapped off one of them. I bought some shells that look like the type the earrings were made from and would like to cut out another kangaroo, but how? I have looked in plenty of craft books, but it must be a secret in Bali or Thailand. I have pairs of these earrings in the shapes of hearts, palm trees, leaves, and stars. They are all white except the kangaroos. They are all so fine that you can nearly see through them.
Gee Mike, this sounds plausible. It also sounds like something you might find at the dentist! I am disappointed because I thought I might be able to make these at home. *** Wembs

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