Indulge in Live Music Thailand

Time to check out some Live Music in Thailand. Thailand is one of the most popular countries in Asia; it is located at the Southeast part of Asia. Thailand is also known for its beautiful sceneries like beaches, cheap and chic fashionable items, Thai massage and, exotic foods. These are just some of the reasons why tourists from around the globe visits the county. However, live music Thailand is the newest attraction of this country, locals and foreigners or as the Thai’s says Farangs are indulging in live music.

Due to the vast number of visitors coming in the country everyday, bars such as the very well known “Hard Rock Café” located at Bangkok, the capital of Thailand has always been full of customers. Locals and tourists had been going here to dine and listen to live music Thailand style.

Since Live Thailand music style has been popular, Thai business men put up other local bars which features live music. There are different themes for every bar to cater each individual’s taste of music. On some bars, customers are allowed to jam with the band. This makes it more fun and enjoyable.

Live music Thailand is also being done in bars inside the famous Rembrandt Hotel, wherein their theme is live Latin music. At Amari Watergate Hotel, although this hotel and bar are western inspired, their bar still plays live music Thailand style. This is one of the many ways to show tourists the music and culture of Thailand.

At Radio City, it keeps on attracting locals and tourists because of its immense and flashy classical music. Live music that’s being played here are from the year 1950’s to the 1970’s era. Bands here don’t limit themselves to play just Thai music but they also play well known western songs from the 50’s and 90’s. These are performed every night by the local band and singers. Another place to go to if you want to dine and listen to live music is the “Coliseum Brew Arena”. This is a humongous place wherein customers can move freely, dine and listen to good live music. They also play western songs and every night there are four bands that play succeeding.

Aside from playing at those westerner themed places, live music Thailand can be heard in Chiang Mai. This is the 2nd biggest city that can be found in the northwest of Thailand. This is a quintessential venue to dine wine and be entertained. Locals and foreigners can indulge in good food while listening to Thailand’s live music.

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