Live Music Thailand A Growing Trend

Where do you findLive Music in Thailand ? Have you ever visited Thailand? Thailand is also known as the Kingdom of Siam and located in the centre of South East Asia mainland. Many people visit Thailand for its tourist spots, such as the Erawan Shrine, Aor Tor Kor Market, Dusit Zoo, and so on. However, have you already heard of the infamous live music in Thailand?

Many are not aware of the growing live music in Thailand. Thai people love singing and it is literally found in their cultures and tradition. Thailand is a melting pot for many cultures and their music is one example. In bars, where they play live music, there are Western inspired songs and there are original Thai songs. You just have to go the right bar to hear the genre and type of music that you like. You do not have to worry if you thought there are only few bars in Thailand, bars and clubs are scattered like mushrooms in Thailand which serves live performances for people who just want to hang out and listen to live music in Thailand.

There are many popular pubs in Thailand who caters to different kinds of people. One example is the Raintree Pub and Restaurant. It is located in downtown Bangkok, Thailand, particularly in Soi Rangman, near Victory Monument. The Raintree Pub is famous among politically active Thais and country music lovers. Live music in Thailand showcases a variety of genre so you would not feel mundane at all. Most of the time, some Thai singers in this bar express their opinions about politics through their songs yet some choose to sing classic country music of Thailand.

Another recognized lair for people who are looking for live music in Thailand is Guitar Man and Live Music Venue. The establishment is located in near the night markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They feature local bands with their original or own rendition of popular songs. The motif of the place is very relaxed and the people are friendly.

If you want to go to a more hip place, then you can visit Blues Factory in Pattaya, Thailand. It is popular among people because they play blues, rnb, and rock and roll. Their singers are one of the bests in Thailand and they also welcome international singers that Thailand has to offer. They have a full stage with the touch of modern technology in their sound equipment.

The next time you visit Thailand or you have a plan to visit the place, better check out the live music in Thailand. Do not just visit the usual tourist attractions that others already seen but have the taste of their music scene as well to really immerse you with the culture of Thailand.

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