Online Sites Promoting Thailand Music

Thailand is lucky to have so many people supporting Thailand music. In fact, when you search the word “Thailand Music” on Google, you’ll get a whopping forty four million results in a single click. This just shows how popular Thailand music is and how eager people are in advertising everything about it. Here are some of the leading websites on search engines which inform people about Thailand music. – This website provides detailed information about Thailand music. There are particularly five types of Thailand music tackled in this website and these are Thai Molam, Thai Country music, Thai Pop, Thai Rock and Thai Love Music. provides pictures of Thailand dancers and musicians performing in concerts. There are also pictures of Thailand bands and Thailand music videos hosted in public video sites. Some pages briefly describe some of Thailand’s finest singers, musicians, and other celebrities in performing arts. Some of these celebrities include Suraphol Sombatcharoen as Thailand’s king of country music and Pumpuang Duangchan as the queen of Thai country music. – This website is an informative and shopping Thailand music website. This website provides rich content when it comes to Thailand music instruments and their histories. These Thailand music instruments include percussion, wind and string instruments. Along with the information is the merchant feature which allows readers to purchase Thailand music instruments that they will see on the website. provides clear pictures of music instruments and how they are being used by musicians. The website also lists out some of the traditional Thai music instruments which are still being used up to these days. – This website is different from the two websites described above in the reason that focuses on providing sample audio of Thailand music from different genres. These audio files can be listened to by the site’s visitors and in any case they want to get a copy of the complete version of Thailand music files, they will find a link where they can purchase CDs containing the music they wanted.

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