RA RA luv Gun Trum

Live Music in Thailand Banglaboo Band is a regular feature at AD Here (aka Adhere the 13th), a blues bar/institution of live music in Bangkok. At any night of the week AD Here can guarantee a packed house, good musicians and Beer Lao (the best Southeast Asian beer and a rare treat to have in Bangkok). Thirteen year old Gun Trum plays guitar for Banglaboo Band, with musical skills well beyond his years. He is the son of a famous guitarist and songwriter for Caravan, Surachai “Nga” Jantimathawn. Caravan was a folk rock pua-chewit band from the 1970s that was very involved in the students movement against the military regime of Thanom Kittikachorn. After the massacre of student demonstrators on October 6, 1976, many student activists, including members of Caravan, fled into the jungles of Thailand and Laos, where some took shelter with the Communist Party of Thailand. RA RA asked Gun Trum what he thought of Thai politics, but Gun Trum responded that he wasnt really interested. So lets stick to the music! Gun Trum rocks and talks to RA RA about what he is interested in—modern Thai music and the blues.

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