Showcasing Live Music Thailand

Live Music Thailand is all about the great live music available in most cities scattered all over the country. It is all about the sharing of one of the most beautiful aspect of Thai Life and that is through music.

Live Music Thailand caters to all kinds of music there is from jazz to blues. Numerous bars, outdoor and indoor venues as well as lounges are just some of the few places where one can catch a steady influx of live music. They are usually played by professional artists who are able to cater to any group of people, whether tourists or locals.

Bangkok and Chiang Mai are two of the most famous cities that provide Live Music in Thailand. Likewise, they are the two cities with the most number of tourists. So it is likely that professional artists would also play Western music. Bangkok has Hard Rock Café, Henry J. Beans at Amari Watergate Hotel and Senor Pico’s at Rembrandt’s Hotel among others. The gigs at Hard Rock Café usually starts at 9 in the evening and is bound to continue all night long. While it usually starts around half past seven at Senor Pico’s. Latin music is the genre usually played in Senor Pico’s. If one is a classical music enthusiast, choices available are Radio City and Coliseum Brew Arena where four different bands play each night. Chiang Mai, on the other hand, offers more varied choices of music from rock to blues and jazz, from pop music to western music. Likewise, hip hop and dance music are available for the younger sets. Koh Samui has a number of establishments offering live music. One could even jump off from one bar playing rock to jazz on the next bar especially if it is a weekend. Koh Samui, however, is most famous for its Samui Blues that they were already known as one of the best in the world.

Professional performers in Thailand are also one of the bests in the world. They are able to lift the crowd into dancing or crying with them through their lovely blues sentiments. These performers are the lifeblood of Live Music Thailand as they are the one showcasing what the country has to offer when it comes to music.

Live Music in Thailand showcases different genre of music. It aims to show Thailand at its best through its wonderful and beautiful music as well as through the talented performers who perform one of the bests gig shows.

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