Thailand question, Pattaya and Bangkok?

blues in Thailand

I am a male, late 20’s going to have some fun in Thailand. Drink, enjoy the beaches, the history, shopping, etc….
What is it like for a pretty good looking, blond hair, blue eyed, surfer, all american type?
Are 95% of the women there ***********? I don’t want and will not be having any *** with any women while I am there. But how do I know if a women I meet is a prostitue? Is it impossible to actually meet, have a good time, hit it off with a regular girl that is not selling ***?
Do the *********** actually ask you what you want or tell you what they are offering?
Sorry to sound stupid but I have never been nor have I ever experienced a **********.
Any advice or experience of what is like would be great help. Thank you!

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