The Best Places to Find Live Thailand Music in Bangkok

One of the things or events that attract so many people to Asia these days is the pomp of live music in Thailand. There are numerous clubs, hotels, diners and bars in Thailand, and especially Bangkok, where live bands and solo performances entertain revelers with quality music. Here are some of the top places you should pay a visit to if you are looking for quality live Thailand music.

a) Tokyo Joe’s

Tokyo Joe’s is locayed right opposite the Tara Hotel on 25/9 Sukhumvit Soi, Bangkok. The Tokyo Joe’s is also commonly known as the mecca of blues because many blues music enthusiasts pay pilgrimage to the place regularly for quality, soothing live Thailand music tunes by leading performers in the country and those from outside Thailand. The bar opens at around half past nine every night, it can get crowded at times, especially during the tourist peak seasons. If you wish to find a good spot, you may have to be there in good time. Some of the live Thailand music genres that the talented musicians perform are RnB, Blues, Jazz, Soul and neo-Soul. Enjoy jam sessions on Sundays and Flamenco Nights on Mondays in a comfortable relaxing environment.

b) Ad Here the 13th

This is a great pub that opens daily at 5pm and entertains the audience through to midnight. The Ad here the 13th is located at Samsen Rd, Banglumphu Bangkok, a very inconspicuous and strange location but one suitable for cool exciting and serene hangout with your friends. This place is frequented with people from all walks of life including young Thais, expats, tourists and the older generation for the amazing live Thailand music the performers indulge their fans. It is often very crowded over the weekends. The pub playes different live thai music including cool blues, jazz and Motown.

c) Brown Sugar

Brown sugar opens Mondays to Saturdays between 11 am and 1 am and 5 pm and 1 am on Sundays. This is an old jazz club that is located on the Sarasin Rd, Bangkok , the one next to Lumpini Park. It has an old feel, a small stage with close audience and often crowds every night. If you want a seat, you will have to come early enough. It often hires renowned artistes and this is the main reason people love it apart from the variety of live Thailand music, drinks and good food.

d) Titanium

Titanium opens every day at 6pm and closes at half past one. This is an exciting club that features all-female rock and roll bands playing every night. Other than the great live Thailand music performed here, there are also more than 90 exotic types of vodkas for you to choose from. Titanium is located at Sukhumvit Soi, Bangkok

e) Saxophone Bar

As the name suggests, the Saxophone bar is a place for people who love live Thailand music such as jazz and cool soothing blues. This place is situated at /8 Phyathai, Bangkok and opens every day between 6 and 2 am. It is an exotically designed place that is often crowded by fun loving youth.

As many clubs and bars in Thailand change hands and sometimes names and close or new ones open it is always best to ask around and to get updated info but you can be assured you will always find some great live Thai music.

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