Top 5 Foods to Try In Thailand

Thailand is a hugely popular tourist destination for many reasons. One of those reasons is most definitely Thai food. Not only is it really tasty and healthy, it’s incredibly cheap! Another bonus is that it’s available all day and night!

If you’re in Bangkok, no matter if it’s the middle of the night, you’ll be able to find some delicious food for sale which will be cooked right there and then in front of you. It’s not just Bangkok though. In fact you’ll find that no matter where you are in Thailand you’ll be able to find something delicious to eat.top_5_foods_in_Thailand

Here are the top 5 foods that you just have to try while you’re in Thailand:

Green Curry

There are lots of curry dishes available in Thailand but probably the most famous is the Thai green curry. Made with coconut milk and fresh green curry paste it had a unique green color unlike any other curry you are likely to see. It can be pretty spicy though so watch out! It is served with Jasmine rice and is certainly one of the quintessential dishes that come to mind when you think of Thai catering.

Tom Yam Goong

Tom means to boil, yam means to mix and goong means prawn. So as you can probably guess this is a prawn soup. It’s usually very spicy and incredibly sour due to the lemon grass and lime that are also included in the dish. It tastes incredible and once you get used to it you’ll find that it’s very addictive.

You don’t have to have it with prawn. It’s famous for being a seafood dish although you can order it with pork or chicken if you want. Personally I prefer it with chicken.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is the classic noodle dish of Thailand. You can find it anywhere on the street where it’s cooked for you as you wait. It’s usually served with chicken or prawn and it comes with ground peanuts, bean sprouts, chilly powder and slice of lime which are placed on the side of the plate.

Pad Krapaow

Pad means to stir fry and krapaow is Thai for Basil. Yes, you guessed it, this is a stir fry containing lots of basil! Made with your choice of chicken pork or beef, this dish is typically incredibly spicy. For Thai people it’s the dish they have when they’re in a hurry or can’t think of anything better to order.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried rice is a really simple but tasty dish. Pineapple fried rice adds a unique twist though because not only does it contain chunks of pineapple it also comes served inside a pineapple. You see a photo of it on this website. This is one of those dishes that is unique to Thailand.thai_street-food_

Even though you can find all the favorite western foods in Thailand you really have to make the effort and try new things. There are so many different kinds of Thai food to try and you’ll never have time to try everything so just make sure you try as many dishes as you can!

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