Where to Catch Live Music in Thailand

Are you looking to see some Live Music in Thailand? Thailand is one of the more popular countries in Southeast Asia wherein there is a steady influx of tourists. Although its political instability has caused alarm for many people, it remained strong.

There are many reasons why people love Thailand. Apart from its great beaches, good Thai massage, its music industry is well appreciated by many people. In fact, as of today, there are numerous bars, venues and a wherein live music in Thailand can be heard.

These include, Hard Rock Cafe in Thailands. Yes, there is a Hard Rock Cafe and it is located in Bangkok, the country’s capital and gig starts at 9 pm. Live music in Thailand is played despite having the “wild Wild west” theme displayed all over the place. There is also a place called Senor Pico’s at Rembrant Hotel wherein there is a Latin theme going on where bands play at around 7:30 in the evening. Add to that, an American style “diner” where short orders are served at Henry J. Beans located at Amari Watergate Hotel. Live music in Thailand can also be heard despite the western theme in these establishments.

If bigger and bolder, and even more classic music is what tourists and locals are looking for, then they should go to Radio City. Here, live music is heard from the year 1950’ to 1970’s. Famous western songs are played and sang by different singers are performed nightly. Another place is called the Coliseum Brew Arena. It is a huge place wherein people can eat and at the same time listen to good music. There are about 4 bands playing every night wherein they usually play western song. Live Thailand music is also performed.

Apart from these western themed places, Chiang Mai, which is the second largest city located in the North/West of Thailand, is an ideal place to wine and dine and at the same time listen to live music in Thailand. For tourists and even locals, there is always a good blend of eating along with listening live music in Thailand.

Chiang Mai offers that groove. The genres of music played are rock, pop, western music, blues and jazz. At some point, discos with DJ’s playing Hip Hop and Dance stuff, and karaoke is also visible in the area. Most people think that Chiang Mai offers a total Thai experience from food to music and ambiance.

Undoubtedly, there are many restaurants and places in Thailand wherein an artist can perform. This is gives a good boost not only to their economy but to the Thai music industry as well. So when one plans a trip to go to Thailand, they should not miss the opportunity to eat good Thai foods, have a good Thai massage and definitely do not miss live music in Thailand being played.

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