Where to Enjoy Live Thai Music

If you have a passion for music and wish to have a taste of something different, which I am certain you will love, then you need to try live Thai music, I am certain that you are going to enjoy it. Thailand is one of the leading entertainment countries in southern Asia and is famous for pulling tourists from all over the world to their amazing class and diversity in music. Do not assume that the only reason people from all over the world flock to Thailand is because of the beaches, traditional food and massages, live Thai music may actually be one of the top reasons people choose Thailand as their tourist destination each year.

Hard Rock café, yes, I am certain you have heard the name somewhere. This is a café in Bangkok, Thailand. It is located on the country’s capital and has amazing live Thai music gigs starting at 9 pm. Despite having the ‘wild wild west’ theme, this place is famous for a wide selection of music. Another great place to check out if you are in search for great entertainment is the Senor Pico’s restaurant, this is particularly an amazing place for you if you want to have some Latin themed music while you relax. Henry J. Beans is a restaurant located in Amari Watergate Hotel and serves American style dinner and cool live Thai music such as blues and jazz.

There is a common misconception that traditional live Thai music is the only kind of music you can find in Thailand. You may be surprised that Thai music is made up of almost all genres of music from all over the world including blues, jazz, classical music, country, rock, soul, hip hop and others. it does not matter what kind of music pulls your strings, when you want to have some enjoyment of great music, then you need to get down to Thailand for some great Thai music entertainment.

Bangkok is not the only place in Thailand where you can enjoy an assortment of Thai music, different provinces and cities have caught up the fad and are now some of the leading Thai music hot spots in the country. Chiang Mai, for instance, is one of the best places to enjoy western themed Thai music while enjoying wine and dining. Different clubs dotted across the country offer fantastic live Thai music entertainment to guests, you should not miss such thrill.


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